Samplers for atmospheric particulates (PM10, PM2,5, PM1)

For sampling of atmospheric particulates with reference methods (gravimetric) ENCO supplies a full range of samplers with the following main characteritsics: Low-Mid and High Volume samplers, certified to EN 12341 (PM10) and EN 14907 (PM2,5). EN-heads for PM10, PM2,5 PM1, and US EPA heads. Samplers with pumps starting at 4 m3/h Low Volume up to 150 m3/h High Volume. Manual (single filter) and semi-automatic samplers with 16 filter magazine for 2 weeks unattended sampling. Highest quality rigid enclosures for outdoor stand alone use. Microprocessor controlled full programmable, calculation of sampled volume to standard conditions. Models with special features to prevent loss of of volatile organic compounds. PUF high volume models models for sampling of micropollutants and dioxins. Memory for storage of a large number of sampling sets.